I love telling stories with captivating images and finding unique things to help bring my vision to life. I started my digital journey as a blogger and editor for several magazines while maintaining a blog that allows me to document all my adventures. With decades of experience in the creative industry, I have had the pleasure of working with incredible brands and other renowned creatives around the world. I have seen a lot of creatives, brands and businesses struggle along the way, so this led to the creation of 1302 Studio. I feel that finding your brand identity and purpose in this digital era can be confusing, so I’m here to not only help bring your vision to life but also help tell your story through my lens.

1302 Studio provides a creative, marketing, advertising and photography studio to help creatives, brands and businesses tell stories through curated content, photography, social and digital marketing strategy. We combine visionary ideas with innovative solutions. We focus in liaising one-to-one with you to deliver a content tailored perfectly to your needs and thereby promoting and elevating you and your brand to new heights. We can also work within your budget and specification, while offering both print and digital marketing and advertising opportunities as well as providing ideas and designs to ensure your content remains relevant for a long time.

Love, Liz

Let us help you tell your story. To connect and discuss your ideas, vision and any other enquiries contact us today.

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